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Important Tips You Must Know Before Going on A Banana Boat Trip

  1.  Important Tips You Must Know Before Going on A Banana Boat Trip
  2.  If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable water sport, you should definitely try the banana boat trip, also called banana ride. It is basically an inflatable boat, often shaped like a banana and in yellow color. It is connected to a speed boat which pulls it along the water body at high speed. It is an amazing recreational activity for both children and adults alike. In order for maximum protection, one should be aware of a few tips before going on the ride.
  3.  Always wear safety gear and equipment when riding a banana boat It is very important to wear a coast a US Coast Guard Type III vest. This ensures safety of the riders while on the boat till the end of the trip
  4.  The banana boat sleds should not be used by people who don’t know how to swim. The speed of the boat can often result in a person losing their hold and sliding off the boat into the water. It is not advisable for non-swimmers since they wouldn’t know how to swim their way back to the shore.
  5. Never exceed the capacity of the boat A banana boat can only carry people according to the number of the handles on the boat. There should only be on person per handle. If the number of people exceed, the boat can lose its balance which can be quite dangerous.
  6. Do not try to pull off any stunts while during the banana boat trip It is strictly advised to maintain composure when towing the boat and not doing any act or dangerous tricks while on the boat. This rule should be strictly followed to prevent from any sort of damage or mishap.The towing speed should not exceed 15mph The speed limit should be duly followed to avoid any kind of collision. Especially in the case of several riders on the boat, speed should be under a constant check and should not go beyond the suggested pace.
  7. Always survey and examine the area Whichever area you choose for riding, make sure that it is inspected properly by the riders to avoid running into any obstacles while riding.
  8.  Avoid placing your hands or feet through the handles or the towing harness It is of utmost importance to prevent any of your body parts from touching the rope or handles. If your hands or any other part gets stuck in the harness while riding the boat, it can come to a halt and can cause serious troubles.
  9. Water sports are probably the most thrilling among all other sports. In order to have the maximum fun and enjoyment, one should always follow rules and regulations to prevent any accident or mishap from occurring

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